wild nothing

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Oh my gosh, i love this woman!
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Tonight was insane.

The things that happen when months change into the next. & on Halloween no less.


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Inhale~Exhale on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/11700162
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The Summer I Turned Pretty 8 by  tuyetdinhsinhvat
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my before and after photo. lost 3O lbs in 3 months <333
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i hate to say it but..

all i ate today was a spoonful of oat bran, a small bite of a piece of cake, & a finger of chocolate frosting. the last two i am not proud of, but i drank lots of water & had a sugar free, soy hazelnut latte on my way home from work. not the best start, but at least that’s all i had today. & i prefer feeling hungry than feeling full. not starving-hungry, just enough to remind me.

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I eat when I get sad, & I get sad when I eat. Same with most any other emotion. VICIOUS CYCLE.